Book Signing Surrounded by Total Elegance

From left, brothers Roger and Brett Bennett handled bar duties.

Outdoor Elegance’s Doug Sanicola and Tom Kay hosted the kick-off book signing for La Verne Online publisher and Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject author Peter Bennett on Thursday, Oct. 18 inside their fabulous showroom.

A variety of salads and desserts graced the linen-covered tables as the conversation and wine flowed smoothly.

Ramona Middle School Counselor shared some love for the book.An eclectic group of guests, including actors, musicians, financial advisors, Realtors, public and elected officials, doctors, entrepreneurs and small business owners, gathered to hear Bennett share a little wisdom from his book, subtitled “Tear Down the Walls Holding Back Your Success.”

Bennett, who spent seven years writing the 431-page book, backs up every bit of advice he dispenses with excellent examples and amazing anecdotes gleaned from the pages of history to the present day.

“The aim of the book is to get people to dream bigger and to take action toward their dreams today,” Bennett said, in between signings.

“I also spend a lot of time in the book talking about the need to build relationships, and we saw evidence of that tonight. A lot of dear friends came out to show their support. They’re the strength I’ll draw on as I go forward throughout the nation championing the principles of this book.”Peter and Mike Noonan

“It’s a night I’ll never forget, especially having my family here to support my endeavor.

“And, again a shout-out to Doug and Tom for giving me this platform to launch my book. They have a unique vision. They go beyond elegance, which is why the outdoor design community has so passionately embraced them and their extraordinary service and products.”

“It was special night all the way around!”

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