By Hook or Nook, There Are Now Multiple Ways to Access Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject

Nookie in the morning, afternoon and evening …

That’s right. For e-Readers, Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject, Tear Down the Walls Holding Back Your Success, is now available for download on the Barnes and Noble Nook.

“The timing couldn’t be better,” author Peter Bennett said. “The sales of tablets, mini-iPads, Kindles and Nooks are just exploding. “I mean, you can carry an entire encyclopedia of knowledge in your breast pocket.”

“And indeed, Life Lessons is like an encyclopedia on success. Whether you’re seeking ways to summon more innovation, imagination or flexible-thinking for your next project or you simply want to bounce back from a bad experience, be it fear, failure, or rejection, you’ll find answers, solutions and new coping strategies by reading Life Lessons.”

Digital alternatives also afford the avid reader a more affordable reading experience.

“E-Books generally run a third of printed book costs, so if the electronic version is how you access your reading materials, you realize great savings. To me, there’s a place for both. If you run through airports racking up frequent-flyer miles, I prefer my tablet; if I’m at home sitting by the fireplace, I want my dog-eared book that I can mark up, page by page.

“In an age of increasing impermanence, there are things like books I still like to hold with my two hands. It’s a luxury I’m not ready to surrender.

“At the same time, I’m for anything that makes access easier and more affordable, and that’s exactly what these new electronic options do.”

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