Harvard Reject Joins the Festival of Books

The Festival of Books welcomed all kinds of guests, including the Harvard Reject.

An estimated crowd of more than 150,000 book lovers (bibliophiles) wormed their way through alleyways of makeshift book sellers, memorabilia peddlers, band performances and cooking demonstrations while others listened intently to their favorite stars-turned-authors like Carol Burnett and Debbie Reynolds at the 18th Annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April 20-21.

Trumpeter John Barnes attended to support a book-selling friend and ended up playing a few impromptu notes for Herb Alpert, the legendary musician and founder of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass who was there to support his wife, Lani Hall, the former lead singer of Brazil ’66 who recently published Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories. (see Reel Video)

“Man, it’s something I’ll never forget,” said Barnes.

Peter Bennett, author of Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject: Tear Down the Walls Holding Back Your Success, also shared the success principles of his popular book with young and old alike interested in learning new ways and methods for turning failure and rejection into transformative triumphs.

“The beauty of the Festival of the Books is that you’re immersed in a sea of people who treasure books and the exchange of ideas,” Bennett said. “There’s no forum like it anywhere.”

Asked to provide just one lesson from the book, Bennett replied, “Continue to perform while you transform. Continue to higher yourself when the world isn’t hiring.”

For those in the crowd who suffered from literary overload and the gauntlet of exhibitors, they could check out the Batmobile, courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment, stand in line in front of their favorite food truck or pose next to the statue of Tommy Trojan.

The Festival is becoming such a draw that no doubt some word-smithing entrepreneur will come along and make a book, if not a movie, out of it.

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