I LOVE Peter’s book … what a terrific writer … Great, Great, Great. Loaned the other book to Phil Halpin my neighbor. Just amazing, wow, great. Wonderful, exciting read!

Steve Cipriani, painter, artist, vintner, musician

Loved this book.
Lots of great stuff to keep you pumped up!

“JB” Griffin, Founder, JBG mg

The book is great, BTW. I love it.

Curt McPherson, small business owner

If you haven’t yet, I suggest that you read “Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject” by Peter Bennett. It is a great read and very inspirational!

Marty Rodriguez, Century 21 Marty Rodriguez, No. 1 team in the United States

Highly recommend this fascinating book. A great resource packed with great, positive useful information, Wish I had this book when I was in Toastmasters.

Coby Myers, Coldwell Banker, Beachside, Long Beach, Calif.

You are very creative. Loved the book.

Brian McNerney, CEO, La Verne Chamber of Commerce

I really enjoyed the book and have shared many passages with my staff. There is a great deal of power in every section. I will be using many of the passages in my presentation at the annual Texas Physical Therapy Assoc meetings next year.

David Mallgrave PT, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Moorman & Associates

I finished your book and found it very inspirational. I truly enjoyed it. I have since passed this on to a young man of 16 in my church, that I think has so much potential. I am only hoping that he will be able to get out of the book what my intentions are for him.

Dottie Wallingford

Peter Bennett is full of wisdom, inspiration and laughs and its been a pleasure working with him on this cover as well as other projects in the past… look for it at an online book retailer…

Brian Prince, Primate Design

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